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About Us

About: The ACFB Fund

The ACFB Fund is A Change for Better’s commitment to helping bridge the gaps in the current mental health system. Comprised of resources, groups, and individual therapy sessions, the ACFB Fund aims to provide support as unique as you!

The ACFB Fund

Born out of a deep frustration in the current mental health system, The ACFB Fund is A Change for Better’s (ACFB) answer to providing support to those who need it most.

How often is it that the government refuses to step in? Too often. What happens to lower income families who scrape by but by no means can afford to spend an additional $140+ per week getting the mental health help they so desperately need? They go without.

Not anymore. Enough is enough.

The main purpose of ACFB is to bring together a community of like-minded people all wanting the same change. Using a feature rich website design suited to assist private practice therapists, ACFB uses a portion of sales on all memberships and products. As ACFB grows, so does The ACFB Fund.

About: The ACFB Fund

Our Mission:

Our mission is two-fold: To support individuals in need of mental health therapy who may not otherwise qualify for resources, and to empower mental health professionals to make a lasting impact in their communities. By bridging the gap between those in need and dedicated clinicians, we facilitate a network of care that fosters growth, healing, and resilience.

Our Vision:

At A Change for Better and The ACFB Fund, we value community, accessibility, education, and innovation. Our vision is to make mental health support available to all, fostering a society that embraces inclusivity, resilience, and well-being.

By prioritising community engagement and collaboration, we work towards meaningful contributions that address the unique mental health needs of local communities. Through our commitment to accessibility, we aim to break down barriers and ensure that mental health support is available to everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

Education, via innovative solutions and practices, is at the core of our approach, empowering individuals and communities with knowledge and skills to promote mental well-being.

Pursuing this vision, The ACFB Fund is making significant strides towards creating a society where mental health support is accessible, inclusive, and transformative for all.

Our Values:

Community (Tangata Whenua): Ensuring that ACFB is a bicultural organization, driven by the principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi. We work with tangata whenua, making meaningful contributions to local communities through the accessibility of mental health support, education, and innovation.

Accessibility (Āheitanga): Breaking down barriers and ensuring mental health support is available to everyone, regardless of their circumstances, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Education (Akoranga): Empowering individuals and communities with knowledge and skills to promote mental well-being, fostering an informed and educated approach to mental health support.

Innovation (Tangongitanga): Embracing innovation to create transformative solutions, addressing the ever-evolving challenges in mental health care, and striving for better outcomes.

We, at The ACFB Fund, are committed to making a lasting impact in the mental health landscape of New Zealand. Together, we can create a future where mental well-being is a priority, and every individual can access the support and resources they need to lead fulfilling lives.

Need Mental Health Support?

You’re not alone. We are here to help! Use the button below to register your interest in accessing funds as they become available.

How We Make a Difference

1. Mental Health Therapy: Through generous donations and fundraising efforts, The ACFB Fund provides mental health support to individuals who require mental health therapy but may not have the means to access it by funding their sessions via ACFB Fund vetted professionals.

2. ADHD and Autism Assessments: With the help of our Clinical Team, we can offer discounted ADHD and Autism assessments without the wait times of other providers. 

3. ACFB Accredited Clinics: We partner with Accredited ACFB Clinics, ensuring that individuals can connect with trusted professionals who are dedicated to providing accessible therapy.

4. Tech for Therapy: We believe in the power of technology to break barriers. Our Tech for Therapy Program equips therapists and clients with the necessary technology and education to engage in online therapy effectively.

Who Do We Help Most?

Our research has revealed a pressing need for a new, innovative approach to accessing mental healthcare in New Zealand. Currently, 1 in 5 New Zealanders live with mental illness and/or addiction, indicating a significant portion of the population requires support. Despite growing numbers of individuals seeking help, existing mental health services are under increasing pressure, resulting in unmet needs across the country.

Specifically, we have identified six demographic groups that are most in need of improved access to mental healthcare:

  • Kiwis who have one or more disabilities: With approximately 1.1 million New Zealanders (24% of the population) having at least one form of disability, this group faces unique challenges in accessing mental health support. Moreover, 53% of individuals with disabilities have multiple impairments, further complicating their situation. These individuals are at a higher risk of experiencing depression but are less able to access the necessary support services.
  • Kiwis who are neurodiverse: Another marginalised group that requires targeted mental healthcare are individuals who are neurodiverse. They often encounter barriers to accessing appropriate services that address their specific needs.
  • Kiwis with limited financial means: Approximately 17.1% of New Zealand citizens live at or below the poverty line5. Financial constraints prevent these individuals from seeking counselling or travelling to subsidise mental health services, despite being 2.5 times more likely to experience mental distress.
  • Kiwis who live in rural areas: Many New Zealanders reside in rural areas, distant from mental health support services. The long commute and limited availability of providers exacerbate the challenge of accessing timely assistance. As a result, these individuals are left without the necessary help they need.
  • Kiwis of ethnic descent, including Māori and Pasifika populations: Ethnic minority groups in New Zealand, such as Māori and Pasifika populations, face unique cultural, linguistic, and systemic barriers that hinder their access to mental healthcare. Tailored approaches are required to ensure their specific needs are met.
  • Kiwis who identify as part of the Rainbow Community: Individuals who identify as part of the Rainbow Community also require specialised support. They often face discrimination, prejudice, and unique mental health challenges, which necessitate an inclusive and affirming approach to mental healthcare.

Current mental health programs suffer from long wait times and inadequate accessibility, particularly for the aforementioned demographic groups. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the existing barriers, with increased rates of domestic violence and a higher prevalence of severe mental distress. It is estimated that up to 50% of individuals suffering from mental illness in New Zealand are not receiving any treatment, highlighting the urgency of addressing this critical need. Our network of available professionals is ready to provide immediate support, but funding is required to bridge the gap and ensure that these underserved populations can access the mental healthcare they desperately need.

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Where Our Money Comes From

Currently, The ACFB Fund is funded by private donations and ACFB. We are looking to expand our fundraising efforts in 2023 with the goal of funding 100 therapy sessions.

Join Us in Creating Change!

Whether you are an individual seeking support or a mental health professional looking to make a positive impact, we invite you to be part of our mission. Together, we can create lasting change in the mental health landscape of New Zealand and make mental health support accessible to all.

Join The ACFB Fund community today and become an advocate for positive change in mental health. Together, let’s create a future where mental well-being is a priority and no one is left behind.