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Apply for Funding

Need mental health support but have been turned down by the government, WINZ, and others? We’ll help! That’s what we’re here for – REALLY.

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We are NOT a medication management service.

We ARE a psychological assessment and mental health therapy service.

If your ADHD assessment suggests the need for medical intervention, you will need to go to a Psychiatrist.

We do not provide a Psychiatrist appointment with this service but can refer you to ones we trust.

For more information about the ADHD/ Autism assessment program, please go here prior to applying.

Apply Here for Therapy or an Assessment!

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The first step in the process is to complete the form and submit it to the ACFB Fund for review.

The ACFB Fund Approves

The ACFB Fund will review your details and confirm if you are approved for access to the fund

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Start to use your funding for any qualifying Products or Therapy Services on the A Change for Better website

The ACFB Fund

Born out of a deep frustration in the current mental health system, The ACFB Fund is A Change for Better’s (ACFB) answer to providing support to those who need it most.

Not anymore. Enough is enough

The main purpose of ACFB is to bring together a community of like-minded people all wanting the same change. Using a feature rich website design suited to assist private practice therapists, ACFB uses a portion of sales on all memberships and products. As ACFB grows, so does The ACFB Fund.

How We Make a Difference

1. Mental Health Therapy: Through generous donations and fundraising efforts, The ACFB Fund provides mental health support to individuals who require mental health therapy but may not have the means to access it by funding their sessions via ACFB Fund vetted professionals.

2. ADHD and Autism Assessments: With the help of our Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Amy Marschall, we can offer discounted ADHD and Autism assessments without the wait times of other providers. Our assessments range from $150 to $1,500 depending on personal circumstances and income.

3. ACFB Accredited Clinics: We partner with Accredited ACFB Clinics, ensuring that individuals can connect with trusted professionals who are dedicated to providing accessible therapy.

4. Tech for Therapy: We believe in the power of technology to break barriers. Our Tech for Therapy Program equips therapists and clients with the necessary technology and education to engage in online therapy effectively.

Where Our Money Comes From

Currently, The ACFB Fund is funded by private donations and ACFB. We are looking to expand our fundraising efforts in 2024 with the goal of funding 200 therapy sessions.

Thank You

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Thank you for submitting your application for funding through The ACFB Fund.

Our team will review your application and be in touch with you soon.

If you want to access some our of free resources then please take a look at our Wellness Info