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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund Policy for The ACFB Fund's ADHD and Autism Assessment Program

At The ACFB Fund, we are committed to providing high-quality services to individuals seeking ADHD and autism assessments. As part of our dedication to transparency and fairness, we have established the following refund policy for our ADHD and autism assessment program:

  1. No Refunds Policy: We do not provide refunds of any sort for our ADHD and autism assessment program. Once an individual or their guardian has enrolled in the program and payment has been processed, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances.

  2. Payment Plan Commitment: Individuals who choose to participate in a payment plan for our ADHD and autism assessment program are entering into a commitment to fulfil all scheduled payments. If an individual fails to complete the payment plan for any reason, they will not be eligible for a refund of the amounts already paid.

  3. Understanding Commitment: By enrolling in our ADHD and autism assessment program or opting for a payment plan, individuals and their guardians acknowledge and agree to our no-refund policy, including the provision that incomplete payment plans do not qualify for refunds.

  4. Quality Assurance: The ACFB Fund is committed to delivering comprehensive and professional assessments by qualified professionals. In the rare event of dissatisfaction with our services, we encourage individuals and guardians to communicate directly with us to address any concerns or issues promptly.

  5. Exceptional Circumstances: While refunds are not standard practice for our ADHD and autism assessment program or payment plans, we acknowledge that exceptional circumstances may arise. In such cases, decisions regarding refunds will be made at the discretion of The ACFB Fund’s management team on a case-by-case basis.

  6. Contact Us: For any questions, clarifications, or concerns regarding our refund policy or the ADHD and autism assessment program, individuals and guardians are encouraged to contact our customer service team. We are here to assist and ensure a positive experience for all participants in our programs.

This refund policy is effective immediately and applies to all enrolments in The ACFB Fund’s ADHD and autism assessment program. We reserve the right to update or modify this policy at any time, with any changes being communicated to all stakeholders accordingly.

Last Updated: 15 March 2024

Thank you for entrusting The ACFB Fund with your assessment needs.