The ACFB Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the questions we frequently get asked about The ACFB Fund and how it works.

They are targeted to two areas:

Professionals – Questions from professionals who want to be able to access and use the ACFB fund within their practice and for their clients.

Clients – Questions from clients who want to be able to use the ACFB fund for therapy, products and services


Do I need to be ACFB Fund vetted?

Yes! You cannot access The ACFB Fund grant money without being a vetted professional.

How do I become ACFB Fund vetted?

To complete the process to become ACFB Fund vetted please read the details on this link and submit the completed application

Register as a Professional


Once the application has been approved, you’ll need to submit updated copies of your indemnity insurance and APC yearly as they renew. Every 3 years, you will be asked to complete another police check. This is to ensure we have the highest quality professionals and the data to show any funders how seriously we take our vetting process. 


You will not need to pay for additional vetting yearly, just resubmit the updated copies of the information requested above.

Keeping your ACFB Fund vetting current

Once per year, on your anniversary date into The ACFB Fund, we will reach out and ask for copies of:

  • Your current APC
  • Your current indemnity insurance certificate (if out of date)
  • A new police vetting form


**You will also be required to maintain your A Change for Better Premium Professional Membership. As an ACFB Fund vetted professional, you will receive this membership at a discounted rate as long as you stay vetted.**


Some of the benefits of your Premium Professional membership include:

  • Free Canva Pro
  • Free Premium Professional directory listing
  • Free online and in-person training listings – with social media shout outs!
  • Free room rental listings
  • Free public event listings
  • Free supervisor upgrade
  • Ability to add articles, videos, and PDFs to our Wellness Info catalogue
  • Ability to add products, courses, workbooks, worksheets, and physical products to The ACFB Store
Is there a free membership?

Not any longer! All free memberships have now been claimed.


The fee for this membership will be $199.99/year for the ACFB Professional Premium subscription and $199.99 for the ACFB Fund Vetting process.


To sign up for a professional membership go here, click Subscribe Now, choose Premium Professional Membership.

Please note that if you choose a Standard Membership, you will NOT be eligible for ACFB Fund vetting.


It is imperative that once you sign up for your Premium ACFB membership that you also finish completing your directory profile and your booking engine setup. Your application will not be approved without these steps being completed.

Why do we pay a fee for membership and vetting?
  • For The ACFB Fund to be taken seriously by potential funders, we need to provide only the best professionals we can find.
  • There is a 2-step vetting process for The ACFB Fund. The first happens with the purchase of your ACFB Professional Membership and the second is when you choose to become ACFB Fund Vetted. Both processes require administrative overhead for ACFB and The ACFB Fund staff so the fees help to cover those overheads.
  • Over time, with professional support and funding, we hope to become the leading organisation for mental health professional accreditation.
How much funding is available?

With our current funding levels we can afford to grant between $300 – $500 to help each applicant.


As we receive further grants or donations to the ACFB Fund, we will reassess these general limits and advise all our of ACFB Fund vetted professionals if there are changes to the limits.

How is financial need determined?

Each client comes with unique circumstances known to them and you as their professional. You’re allowed license to determine on a cases by case basis if they meet our criteria.


To verify a client’s financials, work with them, look at any financial evidence you feel is appropriate and use this information to make a determination. You can include evidence of your support of the financial need for a client as part of their application for funding (a letter or email to

Do I bring my own clients to this program or will you be referring clients to me?



You’re welcome to submit applications on behalf of current clients that meet funding criteria.


We do offer referrals to professionals as they come in if they are not already assigned a professional however if this is not something you are interested in, please let a member of staff know by emailing us at:

How will I be referred clients?

If you are interested in getting client referrals via The ACFB Fund, please email the team with your general availability, client preferences, and whether you are available in-person, online, or both. (

Please update us monthly as we give referrals to ensure we are providing best for your personal needs.

As professionals, we can understand that we often need to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, and thus we try to reduce the admin between a client reaching out for services and receiving these services. This will mean that some client referrals will come with applications already completed and some which are not.

If you would like to only receive referrals from clients with applications already completed only, you need to let a member of our staff know by emailing:

Accessing funds for client’s therapy sessions

You can access funds for current clients by having them go onto our website and apply using our online application: 

After they have submitted their application, it usually takes the Clinical Team up to two weeks to approve. Approvals are subject to funding availability. 

Once your client has been approved for an amount (between $300-$1,000, GST exclusive), you may invoice The ACFB Fund for the cost of those sessions up to that approved amount. Clients can re-apply for funding every 6 months.

Sometimes, the amount granted doesn’t evenly cover all sessions. In this situation, you may offer the client a co-pay situation in which The ACFB Fund covers part of your session cost ($100 + GST for example) and the client “co-pays” an additional fee ($20 for example) to cover your full session fee. You and the client have the full flexibility to use this funding however works best.

Please invoice for each session individually as we have a no-show policy in place which you will read about below.

We ask that you submit a super invoice of the entire month, rather than individual sessions. This helps keep the workload down for all parties involved. On your invoice, please give the initials of the individual you are billing for and state if a co-pay has occurred and what that was. For example: “Session for AC – $25 co-pay” – Billing total to ACFB Fund: $115. Payments for invoices occur within 2 weeks of submission.

I have a client who needs an ADHD or autism assessment, can I help them apply for this service instead of individual therapy?

Yes! Help them to complete the application form, tick the box for the appropriate assessment and send through to the Clinical Team at:


There is a co-pay for this service that ranges from $100 to $1,000 depending on income levels and personal circumstances. They may pay this co-pay by bank transfer, credit card, AfterPay, or we can make a suitable payment plan for their needs. 

What is The ACFB Fund's policy on charging for no-shows?

No-Show Policy for ACFB Fund Vetted Professionals


Policy Statement:


This No-Show Payment Policy is established to ensure the efficient and respectful utilisation of our professional services provided by The ACFB Fund. It outlines the procedures for processing and claiming no-show payments when clients do not attend scheduled appointments. No-show payments are intended to compensate our vetted professionals for the time and resources allocated to an appointment that goes unattended.


Eligibility for No-Show Payment:


To be eligible to claim a no-show payment, professionals must adhere to the following criteria:


Client Application Form Submission: The professional must have submitted the client’s application form to The ACFB Fund’s Clinical Team before the scheduled appointment. The professional may assist the client in completing the application form over the phone or by email. 


No-Show or Late Cancellation: The client must not attend the scheduled appointment, or must cancel the appointment within 24 hours without requesting a rescheduled time.


Procedure for Claiming No-Show Payment:


Documentation: The professional must maintain accurate records of appointments, including the client’s application form and records of communications related to the appointment.


Submission: To claim a no-show payment, professionals should submit their request, including all relevant documentation, to The ACFB Fund Clinical Team within 24 hours after the missed appointment.


Review: The ACFB Fund Clinical Team will review the request and determine the eligibility for a no-show payment.


Payment Processing: If eligible, the no-show payment will be processed and issued to the professional by bank transfer.


Payment Amount:


The amount of the no-show payment will be $60 plus GST per session.


Policy Violations:


Professionals found to be in violation of this policy, including attempts to claim false no-show payments, may face consequences, including suspension or termination of their vetted status.


This policy may be subject to periodic review and updates. Professionals are responsible for remaining informed of any changes to the no-show payment policy.

What happens if I don't feel like I am the right fit for the client assigned to me?

Please let us know why the client is not a good fit for your support and what support would be more suitable for them. We will either try to connect them with a more appropriate local service or switch to a professional with that specialty.


Please also let us know what kind of clients are better suited to your skills so we do not mismatch again in the future. Every professional comes with their own unique set of skills and abilities and we want to ensure the best fit for all parties involved so please do speak up! 


Do I need an ACFB Professional already to apply for funding?

No! Simply fill out the form located on our home page with what your needs are and we will reach out within our network to find the right professional for you.

What if I don't connect or match well with the professional assigned to me? Can I change?

Yes! Just email us at: and let us know what isn’t working for you and what would help make the situation better and we will attempt to rematch you with another professional.

How much funding can I access for individual therapy?

With our current funding levels we can afford to grant between $300 – $500 to help each applicant depending on personal circumstances and income levels.


Some degree of variation is built in for specific situations outside of our normal funding criteria and are approved by the Clinical Team on a case by case basis.


You can re-apply for funding every 6 months.

How do I apply for funding?

You can apply to access funding from The ACFB Fund by completing the application form found on this link:

Apply for funding

If you already have an ACFB Fund approved therapist then you can work with them to help you complete your application.



Who can use The ACFB Fund?

The ACFB Fund is available for assisting anyone with the need to access mental health resources and support who do not meet criteria for funding in other places such as WINZ, ACC, Gumboot Friday, EAP, or other local NGOs.


We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities, low income, people who live rurally, ethnic and indigenous people, those who lack access to services in their area, and those who have exhausted other funding options. 

How do I use funds once I am approved?

Once your application for funding has been approved, your professional will bill us directly for the time they spend with you up to the amount you’ve been allocated in your approval.


You can choose to use this to fully fund your sessions until the money runs out or you can negotiate with your professional about using part of our funding to cover the cost while you pay the remaining amount. For example – if your therapist charges $150 per session and you are allocated $500, you can choose to use all $500 towards covering the full cost (giving you a little over 3 sessions free) or you can choose to use $100 towards each session, while paying the remaining and extending the amount of sessions from 3 to 5 sessions covered. The choice is yours.


The idea here is flexibility. Some people have the ability, and want to, partially pay for sessions to allow for this funding to last longer, providing a more affordable price for a service that would otherwise be unattainable.

Can I access ADHD/Autism assessments?

Yes!. We have our own in-house clinical psychologist, Dr Amy Marschall Psy.D., who can provide ADHD or autism assessments at discounted rates for those who qualify.


Our fees for this service range between $100 and $1,000 depending on income levels, household size, and ability to gather additional funding to cover the cost.


Without applying via The ACFB Fund, this service would cost well over $2,000 per assessment.


Check here for all of the details – Our Clinical Psychologist

What happens if I need to change or cancel my appointment?

It is asked that you give your professional as much notice as possible when needing to change or cancel an appointment. It is expected that you give a minimum of 24 hours notice or the appointment will be considered a no-show.

Should you no-show to a scheduled appointment, you run the risk of having your application and any further funding denied and/or your application cancelled.

I have a complaint about my professional and/or the services I am receiving. What should I do?

First and foremost, please remember we are real people receiving these complaints. Profanity, abuse, and attacks on staff members or professionals will NEVER be tolerated. If you engage in this sort of behaviour, you will be removed from the program and will not be allowed to apply again for our support.


If you do need to make a complaint, simply email us at: with as much information as possible to give us a clear picture of what’s going on so we can figure out how best to help. We don’t want unhappy clients or professionals so we will do our best to resolve and/or make amends for any potential wrongdoing. 


We take complaints VERY seriously and often can resolve them within hours to a couple days, depending on the complexity of the situation. Again, the more information you can give us (emails, screenshots, recordings, etc) the better so we can see exactly what has gone wrong and work towards a solution together.

How We Make a Difference

1. Mental Health Therapy: Through generous donations and fundraising efforts, The ACFB Fund provides mental health support to individuals who require mental health therapy but may not have the means to access it by funding their sessions via ACFB Fund vetted professionals.

2. ADHD and Autism Assessments: With the help of our Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Amy Marschall, we can offer discounted ADHD and Autism assessments without the wait times of other providers. Our assessments range from $150 to $1,500 depending on personal circumstances and income.

3. ACFB Accredited Clinics: We partner with Accredited ACFB Clinics, ensuring that individuals can connect with trusted professionals who are dedicated to providing accessible therapy.

4. Tech for Therapy: We believe in the power of technology to break barriers. Our Tech for Therapy Program equips therapists and clients with the necessary technology and education to engage in online therapy effectively.