The ACFB Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the questions we frequently get asked about The ACFB Fund and how it works.

They are targeted to two areas:

Professionals – Questions from professionals who want to be able to access and use the ACFB fund within their practice and for their clients.

Clients – Questions from clients who want to be able to use the ACFB fund for therapy, products and services


Do I need to be ACFB Fund vetted?

Yes! You cannot access The ACFB Fund without being a vetted professional.

How do I become ACFB Fund vetted?

To complete the process to become ACFB Fund vetted please read the details on this link and submit the completed application

Register as a Professional

Is there a free membership?

Only for the first 50 qualifying New Zealand professionals. This free membership will include:

  • A 1 year ACFB Professional Premium subscription
  • Free ACFB Fund vetting

The fee after these free memberships have been claimed will be $99.99/year for the ACFB Professional Premium subscription and $299.99 for the ACFB Fund Vetting process.


To access this free membership go here, click Subscribe Now, choose Premium Professional Membership and use coupon code: ACFBASHLEY at the checkout. Simple!

Why do we pay a fee for membership and vetting?

  • For The ACFB Fund to be taken seriously by potential funders, we need to provide only the best professionals we can find.
  • There is a 2-step vetting process for The ACFB Fund. The first happens with the purchase of your ACFB Professional Membership and the second is when you choose to become ACFB Fund Vetted. Both processes require administrative overhead for ACFB and The ACFB Fund staff so the fees help to cover those overheads.
  • Over time, with professional support and funding, we hope to become the leading organisation for mental health professional accreditation.

How much funding is available?

With our current funding levels we can afford to grant between $300 – $500 to help each applicant.

As we receive further grants or donations to the ACFB Fund, we will reassess these general limits and advise all our of ACFB Fund vetted professionals if there are changes to the limits.

How is financial need determined?

Each client comes with unique circumstances known to them and you as their professional. You’re allowed license to determine on a cases by case basis if they meet our criteria.

To verify a client’s financials, work with them, look at any financial evidence you feel is appropriate and use this information to make a determination. You can include evidence of your support of the financial need for a client as part of their application for funding (a letter or email to


How much funding can I access?

With our current funding levels we can afford to grant between $300 – $500 to help each applicant.

You can re-apply for funding every 6 months.

How do I apply for funding?

You can apply to access funding from The ACFB Fund by completing the application form found on this link:


Apply for funding


If you already have an ACFB Fund approved therapist then you can work with them to help you complete your application.

Who can use The ACFB Fund?

The ACFB Fund is available for helping anyone with the need to access mental health resources and support. We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities, low income, people who live rurally, ethnic and indigenous people, those who lack access to services in their area,
and those who have exhausted other funding options.

How do I use funds once I am approved?

Once your application for funding has been approved, you will be issued with personalised coupons that will can then be used on the A Change For Better (ACFB) website – A Change For Better

These coupons can cover sessions with your therapist or purchases on the ACFB store. You will get specific details with the approval confirmation about what type of coupons you have and for what dollar value.

You can work with your ACFB Fund approved therapist to decide how best to use your coupons.