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ADHD & Autism Assessments

Have you been searching for services related to getting an ADHD or autism diagnosis? Look no further!

Our efficient online assessment process ensures we save you both time and money on your diagnosis.

See more information about our program below!

What Makes This Program Different?

We are completely online! This allows us to see anyone living in New Zealand with an internet connection. The flow-on effect has meant we have eliminated the cost of renting commercial space with all our professionals working online from home. This savings has been passed on to you in our sliding scale fees.

You are sent all your questionnaires and observer reports prior to your appointment. This allows us in the background to organise and start on your report before seeing the Psychologist. This gives the Psychologist a better understanding of you before they meet you and can ask tailored questions as a result. We find with all the information we gather ahead of time, this appointment only needs to be about an hour. Once completed, the team email your report and any referral information within approximately 4-6 weeks. 

The ACFB Fund Process

The ACFB Fund Process

Complete the form and submit to the ACFB Fund for review and approval.

The ACFB Fund approves the application and allocates fee for service.

Is This An Official Diagnosis?

Yes, we are qualified to conduct psychological evaluations and grant official diagnoses when a client meets the diagnostic criteria. With the appropriate release, we can forward your assessment to others on your treatment team (counsellors, prescribers, et cetera), and we are happy to answer any questions they have about our team’s qualifications as well.

Please understand that if your goal in getting an assessment is medication, you will still need to have this verified by a licensed Psychiatrist prior to being prescribed meds for ADHD. We do not have a private in-house Psychiatrist at this time. If you are a Psychiatrist offering this kind of service and want to be part of The ACFB Fund, please email us at: to organise a meeting to talk more.

Can I Get A Prescription for my ADHD?

We employ a clinical psychologist and not a medical doctors or psychiatrists. As such we are unable to prescribe medication for ADHD or any other diagnosis. We can provide information about whether or not you meet the criteria for a diagnosis of ADHD.

Many people with ADHD benefit from medication intervention for their symptoms. However, a psychologist does not determine which medication (if any) is appropriate for an individual. With your consent, we can forward your diagnosis to your GP, psychiatrist, our preferred referrer, The Nelson Clinic, or other healthcare provider. However, we cannot and would not tell a prescriber what they should or should not prescribe.

In other words, we cannot guarantee what options your prescriber will or will not offer you based on our diagnosis, however we can refer you with this diagnosis to the appropriate medical provider.

If you have questions about your medication options, we strongly encourage you to talk to your GP about who would prescribe medication if you were diagnosed with ADHD and what their requirements are for a psychological report in order to access medication options.

What is the fee scale?

**Please note: Fees for this program will not stay this low. We are planning a price increase for 1st July 2024. 

At the moment, this program is being fully ran by Dr. Amy Marschall who is donating her time to process applicants. In order to continue to provide affordable pricing and low wait times, we need to hire additional clinical staff. This comes at a cost.

Anyone who applies between now and July 1st will have until September 1st to start payments. Anyone who does not make a payment prior to September 1st will be asked to reapply for a new, higher fee.

Making Mental Health Support Accessible

At The ACFB Fund, we believe that everyone deserves access to mental health support and resources, regardless of their circumstances. Our mission is to break down barriers and foster a society that embraces inclusivity, resilience, and well-being.